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Our Philosophy

built on serious science

Living and working in the twenty-first century is affected by many factors-
some old and some new.

This diagram highlights some of the factors which are known to have an impact
on well-being, and which are increasing in seriousness.

The challenge for all of us is to work out what can be done at an individual,
organisational and societal level to mitigate their effects by being able to
access a wide range of relevant information.

Individual wellbeing is affected by 5 separate but inter-linked Dimensions, where each has the capacity to affect any or all of the others.

Optimising your wellbeing involves understanding the elements in each Dimension; measuring them; and then devising a plan to make a positive difference.

Even small changes can lead to great outcomes.


Most people operate their lives within three contexts- at home, at work and in society.

Each context exhibits different characteristics which can contribute either positively or negatively to wellbeing.

In order to optimise our ability to get the best out of all three environments, we need to first identify and assess the influencing factors, and then decide how to improve the current levels.